Tips How To Get Girl For One Night Stand

Men love sex, especially when there are no strings attached. And what really makes a player a capital-P Player (CPP) is his ability to secure sex within hours of meeting a woman.

While most of my articles contain at least an element of that goal, I’ve decided to give you a straightforward, step-by-step account of what you have to do to go from complete stranger to knocking boots with a woman in the space of an evening.

These tips may apply at a nightclub or a house party — or anywhere bed-able babes can be found. Allow me to illustrate what I mean with one of my own adventures.

a recent encounter
I recently found myself at an art opening wine and cheese (a great place to prey on chicks, incidentally: free wine, food, and mostly women who like to socialize), and as I was mingling and discussing the art and all sorts of things with both women and men, I spotted a woman who looked ripe for what I, as The Player, often have in mind.

There was a certain elegance to her tanned skin under her spaghetti strap dress — but not so much that she looked like a long-term project rather a possible one-night conquest. More a pretty woman than a photogenic knockout, I could see she had a fun spirit about her as she laughed and chatted with a couple of other ladies.

Grabbing some food at a table beside her, I listened in on their conversation for 30 seconds, then joined in with an opinion opposite to the one she had just expressed to her friends, to get a little tension going. My target, Valerie, who looked about 30, and her two friends welcomed me into their conversation, which continued amiably enough for about five minutes before I excused myself.

That said…

1- Spot your prey
Opt for women who wear little clothing
No, not just because you can better inspect “the goods.” When women ovulate, they often dress provocatively, as they subconsciously want to attract potential mates — the equivalent of animals being in heat. The animalistic element is quite present in the primordial one-night stand process. Use it to your advantage.

Approach experienced women
The older ladies who seem fun-loving are generally more adventurous, and are therefore a good choice.

Hit up women in all combinations
With a group of women, don’t necessarily approach the most attractive one. Instead, use game theory, as Russell Crowe’s John Nash character did in A Beautiful Mind : opt for the second most attractive to increase your chances of success, since she probably doesn’t get hit on as much. This, in turn, might make the alpha female jealous, which could create a bidding war that works to your advantage.

You could always opt for the least attractive woman to optimize your chances, since she probably rarely gets any attention at all when she goes out with her girlfriends. But if you’re a CPP, surely you’ll be setting your sights higher than the ugly duckling.

Note: If you plan on buying your prey a drink, then you should buy one for all her friends as well.

Move in on women who are alone
If she’s alone, on the other hand, you won’t face resistance from her friends. She’s likely to want to talk to interesting fellows who can entertain her.

Remember, even if your pick-up skills are excellent, if you select the wrong woman who’s in a bad mood and/or not into one-night stands, then you have no chance. The possibility of having sex ultimately depends on the woman.

back at the wine & cheese
I left Valerie’s group and headed to the washroom, but when I returned, I didn’t go straight back to them. Instead, I chatted with some other people, including one of the show’s artists, herself a fairly attractive lady. It wasn’t until maybe 20 minutes later that I again found myself near Valerie and her friends.

“You know, you really wronged Valerie here,” said her friend Janet to get my attention. She went on to explain that in making one of Val’s opinions look silly in our first conversation (a Negative Hit), I had drawn unfair conclusions about her friend. From this I knew they had been talking about me and that they had decided, as I had, that Valerie was the one. Sometimes women are very democratic.

I gave a mock, overdone apology, then went on to give Valerie a good-natured hard time while making a point of casually touching her: I firmly grabbed her arm for about two to three seconds only once, while we were both laughing. I mentioned that I was also an artist — a photographer, in fact, which seemed to interest Valerie quite a bit. But as her friends were still hanging around, I again excused myself to talk further with the semi-attractive artist.

Pretty much as soon as I was done with that conversation, Valerie approached me, this time by herself. I had her hooked. Now it was up to me to either reel her in or hit a snag and lose her. Having done this a few times before, I wasn’t too worried.

That said…
2- Pick her up
Make her feel comfortable
This is easier if you’re at a house party, where you’ll have some common ground (you both know someone there). However, don’t smother her.

Be confident
Remain a challenge at all times and be mysterious. If it helps, imagine you’re famous.

Don’t compliment her looks
Rather, compliment her dancing, for example. Use a Negative Hit to throw her off balance.

Say as little as possible
Keep the conversation going, but don’t make it all about you. Remember; those considered the best conversationalists are usually the best listeners — they get others to talk.

Casually find out what you need to
If she lives alone, for example, or if she has to work the next day. Get all the intelligence you can to make sure you put all the chances on your side.
working the mojo
“Your glass is empty,” I said by way of a greeting when she approached. After getting refills, we talked about all sorts of things, but with much more sexual innuendo. This was especially easy when I mentioned I was a photographer (“and what kind of photos do you take, exactly?” she asked).

As things were wrapping up and her friends had left her to it, we got out of there and headed to a bar a few blocks away. She chose some songs on the jukebox and came back to the seats, moving to the music. At this point, I complimented her on how she moved with a whisper in her ear.

She liked that I wanted to dance even though no one else was. That lasted a few songs until someone else’s jukebox choices came on, killed that vibe, and left me with a choice to make.

Get close to her
Dance with her, touch her, lean in and whisper in her ear. Tease her and use sexual innuendoes. Make her understand you’re flirting, and that it’s not strictly a friendly approach.

Imply a potential one-night stand
Don’t come out and say it. Be subtle and let her wonder if it’s really what you’re referring to. Remain mysterious and hard to get.

Act aloof
Make her understand (while also reminding yourself) that you can always get it from someone else. Act as though you don’t care if she doesn’t give you what you want. Above all, don’t seem desperate. Confidence is key.
landing valerie
“I think we’re done with this place,” I said, referring to the bad ’80s music now playing.

“Yeah, I guess so,” said Val, a little hesitantly.

After a 10-second pause (long enough to create suspense, yet not so long as to make it look like I was hesitating), I said, “we should move this party somewhere else. You know, you expressed an interest in photography before, and I’m betting an attractive woman like you wouldn’t mind having a professional take her photo.”

“Oh, that’s what you bet, is it?”

“Yes, it is. Of course, what you’re wearing is far too alluring for the clean, chaste photography I do,” I said with no small hint of irony. “We’d have to cover up those shoulders for starters. Come on, let’s get out of here.”

Out on the sidewalk, I pulled her to me and planted a passionate kiss on her. I broke it off and, with my arm around her, said, “let’s go.”

“Where to?”

“To my studio, of course.”

That said…
4- Close the deal
Create some suspense
This gives her a feeling of success when things do keep going forward, rather than making her feel preyed upon. Have fun with things and keep it light.

Give her a physical compliment
This is acceptable only when you’re closing the deal. Make her feel attractive and good about herself, and get her worked up about spending the night with you.

Pick a place
The first choice of venue, if possible, should be her place. She’ll be comfortable in her apartment. Also, you’ll be able to make a clean exit if you don’t feel like sleeping over.

The second choice should be to opt for neutral territory like a motel or hotel.

In third is your pad. In this case, I opted for my place because the interest she showed in my photos earlier was an obvious excuse for her to come over. You’ll often have to keep up the pretense that there are other reasons for the steps you’re taking, as women enjoy such games, and very few like to admit they’re actually on a booty call. To them, that seems crass.

Tip: Have a room at home that you like to show off, as a display for her to see. For example, you can decorate a room with pictures that you’ve taken from around the world. Women love pictures and traveling, and she’ll want to see them. Refer to it as your “Gallery.” This could also be a collection of any sort.

If all else fails, you can always do it in a car, a bathroom, outside…

Anyway, I began taking pictures, then her clothes came off.

ack at my studio…
I began clicking away, getting her to work it as I gradually moved in closer. I teased her with a couple of brief kisses, to “make her lips fuller,” I said, then finally put the camera aside. After a little kissing, I removed her pants and eventually her panties to assume the position (Morning Glory was my signature at that time). After that, she was as eager to please me as I had pleased her. Thinking about that evening now, a very nice picture develops in my mind…

That said…

5- Have sex

Use props
You don’t have to be a photographer like me to make your camera a fun item — especially now with pocket-sized digital and phone cameras available. You can suggest she try out your camera on you first, if she’s reluctant. Make sure you do this before the act of lovemaking, or else it might just be perceived as weird.

Show off your signature move
Use a move you’ve had success with before. This is a great way to live up to your standards.

Satisfy her
Finish the job, and make sure she’s pleased. Remember that if you get along with her and would like to see her again, pleasing her will give her an incentive to hook up again. Good sex can turn into good “regular” sex, and a one-night stand can turn into a booty call. Just as with conversation, a good lover is someone who makes the other person feel great.

For more tips on how to have good sex and an array of “Signature Moves,” consult The Player’s Guide.
later that evening
I told Valerie that I had to be somewhere early the next morning, then suggested we grab a shower before I get her a cab. The shower was a bit of a bonus round. She got dressed, then I suggested she give me her number. I saw her safely into a cab and then enjoyed some well-earned sleep.

That said…
6- Call it a night
Leave it open for next time
Exchange numbers, or simply take her number down. Make sure the ball’s in your court.

Leave without excuses (if you’re at her place)
Simply take a shower, say you enjoyed yourself and leave. You don’t owe her any explanations. Remain mysterious and keep her wondering if you’ll call back.

Get her to leave (if she’s at your place)
Take a shower, with or without her. This will give her a good sign that you’re not leaving as fast as humanly possible.

Then tell her you have to go. You can say you have somewhere to be.

Basically, be genuine but neutral, neither seeming sorry you have to go nor in a rush. The less emotion you display, the less you’ll elicit in her.
that’s a wrap
Obviously there are as many possible one-night stand scenarios as there are male-female combinations — infinite. But in any situation, many of the points I’ve made here will apply.

Now, get out there and get your mojo workin’ — your covered mojo, that is. Remember; the two watchwords for one-night stands are confidence and protection.

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