Masturbation and Psychology

Masturbation is educational, prepares people for sex with partners, and allows them a safe environment in which to experiment with methods and sensations that are stimulating. The role of masturbation in one’s life can have even more dramatic psychological benefits. A new form of sex therapy has enabled people to replace harmful substance addictions by forcing themselves to masturbate daily. This act transfers the pleasure stimulus to an activity that is healthy and one that can lead to an intimate relationship with others (ESO, Extended Sexual Orgasm, by Alan Brauer, M.D. and Donna Brauer, p. 48). Evidently masturbation holds a certain cornerstone in the physiological and psychological sexual development of each person.Fundamentally, masturbation generally refers to bringing oneself to orgasm using manual stimulation and if accomplished with the assistance of a partner, masturbation is then referred to as mutual masturbation, petting, or foreplay according to Brenda Love. Psychologically, masturbation is also essential for the development of proper sexual maturity. Masturbation is considered a “normal” process in sexual development and maturity, often beginning at a young age when children begin to explore their genitalia and ‘happen’ upon the pleasures of masturbation.

Boys generally first ejaculate between the ages of 10 and 13 years and an authority on the physiological benefits of masturbation, James Weinrich states that: “experiments in primates show that if this sexual rehearsal play is interfered with, the result can be an adult who cannot or does not function sexually as well as other individuals who were permitted such play” (Sexual Landscapes, p. 244). The result of limiting masturbation or other sexual rituals compromises one’s acceptance of oneself, therefore causing those individuals to be less comfortable with expressing or acting upon their sexuality than others who were not denied this right.

Self-discovery is part of becoming accustomed to who we are as an individual. Babies begin to explore the world through touch. Naturally one of the most important and easiest parts of the world to discover is the self and investigating the plumbing, so to speak, is a normal and essential part of self discovery. Masturbation is simply an extension of self-discovery, a process that is as natural as taking biology 201 classes after biology 101. On a physiological level masturbation is pleasurable as a result of direct genital stimulation and also because masturbation stimulates the section of the brain associated with self-preservation instincts, which automatically rewards survival-affiliated activities with immense pleasure.

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